Witches Brew (Green Pea Soup)

Make this spooky Witches Brew Green Pea Soup for a fun fall meal or appetizer. Made with peas, potatoes, and baby spinach. This green pea soup will become a family favorite for Halloween. It may not look pleasing, BUT this soup is delicious! You will not believe how good this green pea soup is! I must say I totally enjoyed that spook[...]

Our USMC Recruiting Journey

It's been three months since we've moved to Japan and three months since our USMC Recruiting journey came to an end. Our recruiting journey began in June of 2013 when my Husband, who is in the Marine Corps, was assigned his new job as a Marine Corps Recruiter. We were prepared for the move and had an idea of what lie ahead for us... after all we knew[...]

2017 Word Of The Year

Happy New Year friends! I can't believe that 2016 is over! 2016 was a very busy and distracting year for me. I still consider myself to be a rookie in this blogging world and I still have so much to learn. I've met so many wonderful people through out this journey and I couldn't feel more blessed with the opportunities that have come out of it. I'm so[...]

JORD Wood Watch & Giveaway

June is upon us and you know what that means... Father's Day is just around the corner! The kids and I started a little tradition for Father's Day, where we quietly wake up and make "daddy's" favorite breakfast. His ultimate favorite stack of homemade pancakes with a good old cup of joe. Nothing could be better with this mighty breakfast than a swee[...]