Such a beautiful post as usual Norma! You can tell …

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Such a beautiful post as usual Norma! You can tell you put a lot of work into it. You find the best spots in Okinawa too! You should write a book for people coming to the island ( in your spare time ?).

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Simple Halloween Decorating
SO cute Norma! You always have the best ideas!
Again, welcome home!

3 Years In Okinawa, Japan
So beautiful Norma! I’m sure everyone that comes to your home feels like they are back in the States and at home. Your colors and decorations are so calming and joyful. I could move right in! Can’t wait to see your San Diego home. Safe travels!

Simple Spring Centerpiece
Has an Ikebana look to it Norma, so beautiful !!! I took a class in Ikebana flower arranging while stationed there but never got very good at it. ?. It was fun though. Enjoy your last few months, you’ve made the most of your time there!

Daiso Hot Chocolate Gift Box
You come up with the best and cutest ideas Norma! I’m going to do this for my nieces. Merry ? Christmas and love from the states.

Christmas Living Room 2017
Beautiful Norma! Have a wonderful Christmas on Okinawa!

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