Dining Room

Simple Spring Dining Room Hutch

I'm in love with spring in Japan, there's something so magical about it that makes me smile everyday. Everywhere you go you see the cherry blossom trees in full bloom with its perfectly shades of pinks. Every local store greets you with beautiful fresh flower displays, people sure love gardening around here. Since our move, I've been trying to deco[...]

Witch Hats and Black Crows

Halloween in Japan has been interesting, they are not into the whole decor aspect of it. In fact I don't think I've seen a Japanese home decorated with spooky things and pumpkins. So I've been having a hard time figuring out how to keep our halloween traditions and decorate our home with the limited halloween things we have. I'm a big believer on using[...]


Fall Dining Room 2017

This year I wanted to incorporate more blue hues into our dining area. At first I was a bit nervous about it and wasn't sure if I would like it because I just love the traditional rustic orange colors during Fall. Before I get started if you are stopping by from Emily's blog The Wicker House, welcome! And a big Thank You to Krista from The Happy Ho[...]