Norma, I’m dying over here, I love your home! I’m on …

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I’m dying over here, I love your home! I’m on a mission to find a china cabinet and paint it white, so I’m drooling over yours! I love you print, it is so pretty! Lovely post my friend!

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Dried Orange Thanksgiving Place Cards – DIY
I love this lovely idea of dried oranges on a Thanksgiving table! Enjoy your special Thanksgiving with your family.

Pumpkin Pastry Twists
Wow! These look so scrumptious!

Mexican Hot Chocolate – Crock Pot Recipe
Oh my goodness, your recipe and all the chocolate looks amazing! It was so cool to learn about Mexican chocolate. I’ll have to try and look for it in the stores. Thanks for sharing your family recipe!

Witch Hats and Black Crows
I read through every word in your post! You are incredibly clever and I love how you created such a beautiful Halloween that still went nicely with your beachy home! I love all your pumpkins and that you painted them white and the orange inside pops! I’m in love with your post, girlfriend!

DIY Seashell Candles
I love this project. I made them but painted the outside silver, but I love your natural version better. It sounds like you have a cool life, traveling all over the world. I enjoy vicariously living through your adventures of exploring various parts of the world!

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