Seashell Salt and Pepper Cellars

Can you believe that summer is just around the corner? I can't! This year has gone by way to fast for me. The kids only have four weeks left of school and then it will officially be summer for us. Starting this summer, I want to focus on coastal decor only... I know.. I know... everyone loves farmhouse, but it's not me and I feel like I need to keep tr[...]

Easy To Make Seashell Bottle Decor

This last week I've been working on this little corner of ours. It's by a window and off to the side of the dining room hutch and table. It's an odd little corner and I wasn't sure what to do with it. My first thought was to hang some large picture frames then I thought to leave it blank or move the basket and hooks over to this area. After a week of c[...]

DIY Seashell Candles

Slowly but surely our home has been transforming from farmhouse to coastal cottage and I've been dying to make beach inspired crafts. This could be one of my favorite little projects, it's so simple and a wonderful way to make use of the seashells we've collected through out the years.read more[...]