mini cupcakes

Vintage Cupcake Liners

We've been having some strange weather around here. One day it's hot to the point where the kids can't go outside and play, the next day it's cold and windy, then it gets extremely humid and hot but it's cloudy out. Then it starts raining cats and dogs but it's still hot outside even with the rain lol. Hot, cold, rain, sun, and humidity, I can't even p[...]

Mini Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes

For many years I have baked regular size cupcakes and my children never seemed to quite finish a whole cupcake and they always left a mess. Then I discovered the mini cupcake pans! And I will never go back to full size cupcakes! Today I'm sharing with you an easy pumpkin spice mini cupcake recipe. As you all know, Fall is my favorite season and I'm re[...]