Potato Chip Rock, San Diego

Last Friday, we had a sunset hike planned to Potato Chip Rock. As you all know I'm a planner and I do all[...]

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Facing My Fear

Growing up I never thought that Photography would become one of my passions. I loved taking random pictur[...]

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Dried Orange Thanksgiving Place Cards – DIY

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I'm so excited for this year! We are hosting Thanksgiving and I can't wait to create a beautiful tablescape for my family! My mom, sister, and brother are making the drive down to Southern California to be with us and it means the world to me. Most of the time... actually all of the time we are the ones who are packing and driving to see everyone or living in a different country and it gets expensive to fly/travel with three kids to spend the holidays with family. Af[...]

Spooky Eye Pies

It's been a spooktacular week for us! Every October 1st, we start our Fall traditions and the kids are in full Halloween mode! We started decorating the house, baked some spooky treats, the house dinner menu has changed to soups and stews, bought pumpkins and started watching our favorite (kid-friendly) Halloween movies! During October we watch 31 days of Halloween movies/episodes with our kids and it sounds crazy, I know... But it brings us together and into the spirit of All Hallows Eve. Plus, there’s no[...]

Pumpkin Pastry Twists

There’s something very special in the air at this time of the year. A crisp autumn breeze, crackling log fires and bristling leaves, floating delicately towards the ground, inspire many people to cozy-up during this season. I hope you know how I feel about Fall by now... I absolutely adore it! I could live in Fall weather all year round if I could. In the spirit of everything pumpkin spice today I'm sharing with you a Pumpkin Pastry Twist! You could say it's the perfect pastry to pair up with a good cup of[...]

Mexican Hot Chocolate – Crock Pot Recipe

Mexican Hot Chocolate is one of those recipes that always brings me back to my childhood. Making Mexican hot chocolate at home was rare and I only remember having it during the holidays or special occasions. A real special treat was when my mom made a big pot of hot chocolate in our home! The aroma is heavenly and it filled our home with that chocolatey goodness taste. It was the type of drink that put us all in the mood to simply enjoy the evening. There's something rustic and cozy about this hot chocolat[...]