A Field Of Cosmos

Last month I took a little road trip with my babies to see some farm lands. To me exploring is taking long drives and get lost along the way lol… yes, I get lost all the time. My husband saids I have no sense of direction and I totally agree, but the fun part about getting lost here in Japan is that you will always end up somewhere magical! I seriously can’t describe how beautiful this place is. It’s a place that you must experience yourself. Now, the roads here are narrow!! I mean TINY and narrow. Sometimes I get a little nervous driving our mini van around here because I know for a fact that 98% of the time our van won’t fit through streets and roads, but that’s part of the adventure right?

It’s so green and lushes around here that I truly don’t miss the city skyscrapers in Los Angeles then again it may be my inner country girl talking.

I love the countryside and I hope that one day we will have land, a farm and a chicken coop lol… yes a chicken coop! Anyway, I’ve been wanting to stop and photograph some farms we had seen before and to my surprise we stumbled upon another farm that had a field of cosmos flowers. It was so breathtaking that I had to stop and walk around with the kids. It was very windy and I wish I had taken more pictures, but I wanted to enjoy the moment and take it all in. I’m always behind the camera trying to capture my adventures. Sadly, I sometimes forget to enjoy the true beauty of it all.

Field-Of-Cosmos Field-Of-Cosmos Field-Of-Cosmos Field-Of-Cosmos

Remember to stop and smell the roses.. in this case the cosmos 🙂



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