Pinecones and Pumpkins Fall Mantel

Welcome back! Today I'm super excited to share my Fall mantel! As you all know it is very hard to find seasonal decor here in Japan. Even though we don't have a wide selection of home decor stores we have to think positive and creatively. Last year I did a blue/brown combo color theme for Fall and I'm sticking with those colors this year too. Althou[...]

Summer Mantel And DIY Beach Inspired Painting

Summer has finally arrived here in Japan and lets just say that I've been switching things around trying to make our home more summer ready without spending tons of money on summer decor. I'm a big believer in shopping your house, I'm constantly rearranging my decor around to give the illusion that it's brand new because it's in a new spot. For examp[...]

Spring Mantel

We've been having spring showers this whole week, it's been gloomy, humid, hot, cold, windy... but you know what? It wouldn't be spring without some showers, so I don't mind it at all. Now let's talk mantels! I'm so excited to share with you the mantel my husband made me! I've been dying to build one and it has finally happened! It's in the dining[...]