Faux Floral Wreath DIY

We have had three wonderful summers in Okinawa, Japan. Living in Okinawa has been the best and most humbling experience I've could have asked for. Japan stretches from the frigid island of Hokkaido in the extreme north, all the way to the idyllic subtropical islands of Okinawan in the far southwest where we are. Summers are hot and humid, but living ri[...]

Simple Spring Centerpiece

It's been three wonderful years in Japan, although our journey is slowly coming to an end I know another wonderful one will begin. Spring is only a few weeks away and here the Cherry Blossom Trees are in full bloom, the Sunflowers are standing tall, and as far as you can see, Cosmos flowers are everywhere. It seems like the whole country is in a c[...]

Summer Mantel And DIY Beach Inspired Painting

Summer has finally arrived here in Japan and lets just say that I've been switching things around trying to make our home more summer ready without spending tons of money on summer decor. I'm a big believer in shopping your house, I'm constantly rearranging my decor around to give the illusion that it's brand new because it's in a new spot. For examp[...]

Decorative Tissue Paper Tea Cups

We are starting to get a little glimpse of spring here in Japan. The cherry blossom trees are in full bloom and they look so magical while you walk through the park. In celebration of spring I want to share this easy DIY that involves two of my favorite things.. tea cups and tissue paper! Here's a fun story on how I fell in love with tea cups and cr[...]