How cute! What a fun (and delicious) idea Norma! …

Comment on Spring Wreath and M&M’s by Jo-Anna.

How cute! What a fun (and delicious) idea Norma!

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DIY Pedestal Bowl
That looks sooooo good! What a great project…I love when we can make projects like this on a budget!

Peach Iced Tea Recipe
These look great Norma, iced tea is the best summer drink! Enjoy your California summer!

Spooky DIY Eyeball Terrarium
This is SO good…so unique and perfectly spooky for Halloween! I have a terrarium just waiting for me to make for this project!

3 Years In Okinawa, Japan
Wow, you have done an amazing job decorating your military home Norma…it’s SO beautiful! I bet it is bittersweet to be leaving…good luck with your move to San Diego!

Simple Spring Centerpiece
What a gorgeous idea for a centrepiece Norma…so perfect for spring! And how lovely does Japan sound in springtime…so lovely!

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