A Simple Fall Tablescape

There are many ways to create a beautiful tablescape without spending a lot of money. As I've mentioned before, here in Okinawa, Japan we are very limited in seasonal decor. It's already mid-September, and there are no pumpkins to be found anywhere! So, I've been stressing out like you wouldn't believe, I had to think deep about how I was going to crea[...]

Pinecones and Pumpkins Fall Mantel

Welcome back! Today I'm super excited to share my Fall mantel! As you all know it is very hard to find seasonal decor here in Japan. Even though we don't have a wide selection of home decor stores we have to think positive and creatively. Last year I did a blue/brown combo color theme for Fall and I'm sticking with those colors this year too. Althou[...]

Autumn Food Topper Printables

  The thing that I love about Fall the most is all those wonderful spices and aromas that fill the air; Pumpkin pie, caramel apples, cinnamon teas, spiced cookies, and the list goes on! As much as I love Fall, here on the beautiful island of Okinawa, Japan we really don’t get to see much of Fall. The one thing we do get to see a lot is mouthwa[...]

Corn Husk Pumpkins DIY

My Summer days are officially over and my Fall decorating has begun. This Fall I've decided to stay with a blue/brown color scheme. Partly because I truly loved it last year and I wanted our home to feel just as cozy and rustic without using the traditional orange tone Fall colors. Since Fall is my favorite season I wanted to share a very simple[...]